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Italy Fashion Trend is an online magazine upon fashion, culture and trends.

Our mission: we want to achieve the role as mediator between great media world (interested in promoting who is already successfull) and little masthead in order to inform, sponsor and propose only the best new brands with a lot of artistic value and Made in Italy as priority.



Agostino Cotugno – Founder and Director

Journalist and magazine founder. He works with journalist and photographer from other magazines and newspapers too. He studied Sociology at Perugia University. On February 2013, he founded Italy Fashion Trend magazine.

http://it.linkedin.com/pub/agostino-cotugno/60/4a2/b0a -www.AgostinoCotugno.eu


Federica Ielapi – Head Subeditor

She graduated in Philosophy at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. Nowadays she studies International and European Economic Politics and coordinates IFT publications. Moreover, she works for a Milan publishing house.





Sara Mancini – Subeditor

Make up artist and journalist, she studied Cultural heritage at Milan University. For her, make up is a form orf artistic expression that founds its inspiration in what surround her.










Roberta Salustri – Subeditor

Fashion cultures and techniques degree at Bologne University; now she is attending a post-lauream course in Editing, fashion and communication culture in Milan. She also worked as stylist.









Marianne Spata – Subeditor

She is now attending an European Languages and Cultures degree at Catania University. Blogger and freelancer, she especially devotes herself to handmade brands. Moreover, she takes care of IFT Magazine English Version as translator and subeditor.







 IMG_3136Federica Rausa – Subeditor

Student at Milano’s State University  with a deep passion for the fashion writing. Determinated to be part of the Fashion System, currently I work as a dresser during the Milan Fashion Week.








Eden Uboldi  – Subeditor

She is a Law Student interested in menswear, shoes, underwear and accessories. Attracted by homemade products due to their role as connection between creativity and materials quality attention.

Elena Gaglioti: Illustrator : http://elenagaglioti.wix.com/dis-d-egni



T61152_120108574709100_1955066_nommaso Cantafio – webmaster

IT specialist with an IT Master at Microsoft, he takes care of our magazine technical aspects.



Collaborated: Aleksandar Mariov Ivanov, Alessandra Mattioli, Carla Cattaneo, Elena Marino, Maria Felicia Magno ; Silvia Schirinzi, Enrico Verga ; Margherita Esposito;  Antonella Ariano.

Contact: redazione:  redazione[at]ItalyFashionTrend.com candidature : selection[at]italyfashiontrend.com  Tel/fax: 0039  – mobile 0039 392.87.35.932



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