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In this page we will explain website politics as about users personal data treatment; magazine legal notice that is compulsory explanation for press; content reproducement rights and so on.

Privacy policy is a office circular acknowledged by D. Lgs. N 196/2003 art. n. 13 (Italian personal data protection Code) to everyone whose interacts with Italy Fashion Trend web services starting from this link.

This office circular is usable only for this website and not for other ones consulted by users through this link. That office circular is inspired by n. 2/2007 European Authorities recommendation in matter of personal data care gathered in that group born from instruction n. 95/46/CE 29 art. adopted on May 17th, 2001 in order to reveal those least qualifications for online personal data recollection, specifically on mode, time and information nature that treatment owners have to supply to users when they are surfing the web despite of their aim.


After consulting this website, it is possible using those datas on identified or identificable people. Their treatment owner is Italy Fashion Trend – Milano Communication.


This site data treatment takes place on that seat only by person in charge for it. No data from web service is still communicated or spread .



IT systems and software steps charged to this website function acquire, during their ordinary use, some personal data whose transmission is implicit on using Italy Fashion Trend communication protocols.

It is a recollected information not to be associated to identified interested in but to identify users through elaboration and association to data by third persons. In this data category take part IP addresses or users computer dominion names connected to website, URI (Uniform resource Identifier) addresses of required sources, source time, server requiring mode, joined file size, number code of server data answer state (ended, failed…) and other parameter in matter of operating system and Italy Fashion Trend user environment.

Those datas are used only to achieve anonymous statistics information on website use, to control their correct function and then they are cancelled soonly after their elaboration. Data could be used to check responsibility in case of hyphotethical damages.

Supplied data by user: optional sending, explicit and volunteer mail sending  to indicated addresses on this website brings to acquirement of those sender addresses useful to answer requires and other personal data within missive too. Specific syntesis office circular would be progressively reported or showed on site pages adapted to particular services on request.


Cookies are those small number of information send to a computer or a mobile device that make possible recording, sometimes tracking, datas as about website use mode.

Italy Fashion Trend site uses cookies to improve and simplify guests, to recollect information on use mode, to give even more up-to-date functions and to offer a personalized searching service. Cookies’ aim is then improving searching the web user’s experience.


Italy Fashion Trend uses cookies to track statistics data gathered to analysis instrument as Google Analytics.

Italy Fashion Trend could let third part use targeting cookies to catch information useful in showing user advertisement and content analogous to his/her taste (marketing).

Google could specifically use those navigation information on user to publish ads based on website visits. Guests could unistalll cookie use by Google ads preference Setup page. As alternative, it is possible to unistall cookie use by a third part supplier consulting unistall page of Network Advertising Initiative.

Using Italy Fashion Trend website you accept cookie use according to this Privacy Policy. If you want to restrict, block or erase cookies from this site, it is possible doing it modifying your own browser configuration and mobile device.

Choosing unistall cookies it will be not possible to exploit whole site function anymore.

Freed from what it is specified and navigation data, user is able to supply with personal data reported on data collection schedule on this site; on the other hand, their would-be appointment could bring inability in dealing possible requests.


Personal data are treated with automatic instruments to reach those aims for which they are recollected in needed time.

Specific security measures are observed to prevent data loose, illegal or uncorrecct uses and not authorized access.


Subjects whose personal data are referred to have the right to have confirm of the existence or not of the same data and to know the content and the origin, verifying its exactness or asking for its integration, updating or rectification.

According to the same article everyone could ask for data erasing, anonymous change or block in case of law violation or legitimate opposing to its treatment.

Quests have to be vindicated to treatment responsable at the following address: redazione@italyfashiontrend.com

Magazine is a masthead registered at Milan Court by February 25th, 2003 n. 50 authorization.

Even though preventing, it is not possible nowhere consider us as responsable for logos, pictures or slogan protected by copyright advertisers.

Content reproduction is totally reserved and possible only in similarity with quote right acknowledge by Berna Agreement n. 10 article after source permission. Every partial or whole quotation on competitor or gained portals has to be precautionary authorized by editorial staff through a mail.

Italy Fashion Trend only provides publishing authorized images (covered by copyright too) but it could be possible that owner unknown to us would vindicate their right on it. We invite them to let it us know contacting us immediately.

Italy Fashion Trend does not receive any editing aid or providence by govern.

Compulsory information for press:

Director: Agostino Cotugno

Main publishing place: Milan

Editor: Milano Communication  VAT Number:  IT 08145440965

Printer/ Hosting supplier: Euro Marketing SK Sro Sede legale: Krupinska 6, 04001 Kosice (SK) P.Iva SK 2022460847

Online magazine legally registered by Milan Court. registration  n. 50 of 25 February 2013.

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