FRANCESCA LIBERATORE – “enfant prodige”










It’s called ” enfant prodige ” by some international names of fashion business, thanks to her originality and her imagination she caught the eye of the most famous designers. Result: international collaborations with the best fashion brands in the world. We are talking about Francesca Liberatore , an artist “rather than emerging ,” a creative bud sprouted in London at the famous Fashion Saints Martins school. Soon degreed in Fashion Womenswear , she follows her dream of fashion designer until the age of 26 , becoming the winner of the Next Generation contest , sponsored by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion . Leaving the cradle of London, she definitively moves to Amsterdam and Paris working for brands such Victor & Rolf and Jean Paul Gaultier. Her name is also known in Asia , in Shanghai and Beijing, because of exclusive events and parades that have been appreciated, also and above all, as a symbol of Made in Italy Italian talent . Now she is doubly committed between Milan, where she teaches “fashion” at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and IED, and Paris, where she is responsible for the Fashion project at the Moulin Rouge in Paris .

Her dresses are never been absent to the MMD since her success; this year she exhibits a wonderful collection spring / summer 2014 all played on colors and lights, square cuts and simple but refined fabrics that inspire ad idea of daily, fresh and new . Our designer had drawn her outfit thinking about a metropolitan woman, very strong and determined, a cosmopolitan woman lover of travels, from which she always catches thoughts, ideas and feelings that are directly reported on her sketches.

This time Francesca Liberatore has bet rich fabrics such as linen, silk and jacquard , playing with the square shape, which returns in most of the dresses , emphasized by the profile of the bell-shaped hats in tulle. What really gives to clothes the three-dimensionality is the light that seems to come inside the clothes, and that indeed comes from the gleam of small Swarovski crystals; but, on the other side, never missed beautiful printed garments, in which the signs and geometries are arranged in way of forming a balanced surface by the alternation of full and empty , but without creating any depth .

We do not know where she will be able to arrive this talent of fashion in the future, but we know that is undoubtedly come to like us.

Elena Marino