Alta Roma and Coin Excelsior together to celebrate the new designers!

Coin Excelsior and Alta Roma together in a partnership offering to emerging designers a platform where to show their own creations. A unique event has been on 30th January 2015 at Premium Contemporary Department store (Via Cola di Rienzo). Here was presented a selection of brand belonging to the scenes” by Alta Roma and Who is On Next? A collaboration designed to instill a new lifeblood to the creativity of theMade in Italy, at a crucial moment of Italian history.
With this partnership we are proud, Altaroma carries out its mission focused on the stages of observation, guidance and promotion of young talents, and closes the circle by promoting an immediate and concrete link between the up-and-coming and commercial realities. Altaroma view then its usefulness, not only in having returned to Rome a credible image and a clear and decisive role in the Italian fashion system, but also in the expansion of market’s opportunity for emerging young designers.
(Adriano Franchi, General Director of Altaroma).
An opportunity wich gave the possibility to buy and admire the collections of five Italian designers: Benedetta Bruzziches, Fred De Luca, Daizy Shely, Paula Cademartori, pigeon. pigeon, Eau d’Italie.
Among accessories, ready-to-wear and perfumes, fashion opens the city looking for, not only to insiders, but by invoking, as well as press and buyers, all fashion lovers in the capital, with a Dj-Set to present to the customers and guests of Altaroma a selection of representative pieces of the high manufacturing Made in Italy, but at the same time with a vocation for research and attention to new market’s needs.
The editorial staff