Francesca Liberatore’s collection born from her heart beats.

To win over the New York’s catwalks this year has been the young Italian designer Francesca Liberatore that, during the fashion week just ended, officially presented his throbbing spring summer collection 2016.

The stylistic and iconographic key who gets the protagonist title of the entire collection is the heart represented in its actual features, in addition to be understood as a simple metaphor to convey the spirit and the passion with which the talented designer has created these masterpieces of intrinsic poetry and beauty, it’s possible to perceive a deepest and alive concept behind.
An inspiration that turns into shapes, colors and prints where leimotiv recalls the center of life and that gives breaths to unique dresses that can bring to light the strength of the human spirit and all its most real and intense emotions.
Among femininity touches given from a linear and almost impalpable tulle sported in warmer and bloody tones of orange or in a bold and dark black, stand out sparkling reflections on petticoat dresses and long asymmetrical sweaters. While among organza, silk and chiffon meet tight knots and twisted on tunics, skirts and wide trousers on backgrounds of a pure white and a red sangria.

Body and heart are laid bare in a combination of sheer, delicate and precious fabrics on which pulsate prints, embroidery, jacquard or Swarovski crystals in the forms of this lively and real heart, directed to call attention to the mood chosen.
The Francesca Liberatore’s work and dedication led her to reach countless successes worldwide spreading through its clothes a really precise message where the woman parading on the catwalk knows she has on her hands the reins of her life, prepared to face new challenges or difficult choices every day, ready and confident in their good heart.

Federica Rausa