JOHNY DAR “The Queen of Pearls”: how fashion wears like art.


More than 300 hours in handcrafting; more than 20 days in putting on each pearl; a € 927,000 esteemed economic value. That’s what The Queen of Pearls is, that is an artwork crossing over fashion boundaries to completely merge itself with the idea of sculpture.

Showed at House of Dar Berlin gallery during last Fashion Week, this crystallized piece of art by the artist and designer Johny Dar gaped everyone. An innovative and somewhere strange work that perfectly combines tailoring skills with artistic expression.

Completely realized with pearls and crystals by Dar main sponsor, Preciosa, the best pearls and decorative stones producer all over the world, The Queen of Pearls is just an anticipation of a great collection made up by other accessories realized with Preciosa crystals. A special collection whose aim is really dazzling who could admire it at next NYFW. And we are looking forward to seeing again how fashion wears art.

What about you?

Marianne Spata