MnC – MCreations: the Art of Mosaic becomes Interior Design , Luxury&Fashion .

Light, polychrome, volumes, geometric pattern: a labyrinth of fragments that hold in their inwardness the lifeblood of a creative impulse. Secret paths of pieces lead us a story which is always new. The Mosaic is the Genesis, the Picture is the Story. Martina Tittonel , versatile artist from considerable creative flair and incredible depth introspective; a soul which evokes the beautiful lands of the East with its sacred cultures devoted to the intimate self-seeking, spirituality and meticulous care particularly subtle.


The Mosaic Art rooted back in 3000 BC, when the first decorations conical clay based enamel were used by the Sumerians to protect the raw brickwork; the etymology of the word refers to the meaning of “patient work , worthy of the Muses “. One of the highest expressions of art and ornamentation handed down since the time old. Martina Tittonel interprets the rigor of the Byzantine Mosaics in a contemporary key . The essence is the processing and invention of the fragment in a new body: through the melting pot of color, vibration and light refraction, You can give a new meaning to the cards and never equal to itself. The Mosaic is a sublime meeting of countless pieces from the heterogeneous nature, together to tell a common history revealing what is not always apparent .

The Mosaic tell a new story, becomes protagonist of a new life, something else staying true to himself. MnC – MCreations by Martina Tittonel, trademark registered in December 2014, proposes mosaic installations , works of Interior Design and Art to wear (jewelry, accessories, clothes and bags) in a marriage of love for the Made in Italy, quality and passion. The mosaic, with its Venetian enamels and marbles, muses of a creative process that does exist this Noble Art and Ancient in daily life . Not only works to celebrate and enjoy in the galleries and exhibitions, but wonderful pieces which enhance the personality of the wearer.

Characters, with their melting pot of colors and decorative patterns, are captured in a snapshot that becomes the star of these precious and personal works Art. Archetypal forms, symmetry, a- symmetry to tell the Mosaic with a new evocative language and strong emotional impact. One of the collections protagonists of this new creative storytelling is Galla Placidia: a symphony of vibrations, colors, light and energy come together in The story which is an existential journey of self with its emotions and moods. Consist of modules articulated, can be made in quicksilver and gold, the identity of these jewels is well defined: trails geometric intersecting, symbolizing the personal journey of man, made always from new beginnings but in the context of an essential continuity which accompanies it throughout the its existence.

One of the other wonderful lines is Middle East: pure color, paneling of colors, isolated tones mixed for a style contemporary chic. A perfect balance, the single color reveals the DNA of historical plot that between variables and constants amalgam components of elegance exclusive design. The ClutchBag, instead, proposes real collection bags made of silver and enamel decorations. What about instead Pompeii Bag, Bags and Space in Time Bag? A traditional material like leather melts with mosaic precious inserts printed, creating a blend aesthetic unmatched. The love of the mosaic took me to shape modern artistic creations. Marble, stone, gold, murrine, Venetian enamels and glass tiles, offering superior performance for a time, become ideas for an “art book” contemporary. The materials from the slide and play installations, bags and accessories.

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Credits Foto n: 1,13,14,15  – PH: Caterina Gualtieri; Fashion designer: Nino Lettieri; Stylist: Pranay Jaitly Models:Ivana Bello; Kenia Schneider, Teresa Costanzo; Hair and make up: Veronica Petukhov, Teresa Costanzo; Still life,PH: Marco Palermo

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Credits pics n: 1,13,14,15  – PH: Caterina Gualtieri; Fashion designer: Nino Lettieri; Stylist: Pranay Jaitly Models:Ivana Bello; Kenia Schneider, Teresa Costanzo; Hair and make up: Veronica Petukhov, Teresa Costanzo; Still life,PH: Marco Palermo