Anna Jolie by Anna Chekunova, F/W 16/17

Winter Rose – Brand  Anna Jolie
F/W 2016/2017

Art, Beauty and History meet in one of the most celebrated “theaters” of elegance. According to the aesthetic ideals of the Enlightenment, Villa Olmo – one of the most imposing and sumptuous residences near the Como Lake- welcomed the unedited Anna Chekunova’s collection. A new reinterpretation of Beauty where the charm of the past blends with an innovative opening linked to the contemporary international scene. A wonderful meeting between Russian and Italian traditional cultures, united for years in an intense bond of deep passion, respect and mutual esteem.
Ethereal angels parade in wonderful clothes, an idyll of lines, colors and embroideries that takes us back in time. The collection A/W 16/17 Anna Jolie is a reminder of the ’50s, the decade in which sensuality and etiquette were sewn in beautiful outfits that became an icon in the catwalks’ history: skirts, floral patterns and lines celebrating the feminine silhouette making a work of art.

Shoulders get naked and become soft and rounded, the breast is highlighted;  Anna Jolie’s collection is a tribute to the eternal beauty of Brigitte Bardot, muse of French cinema and elegance icon. Soft and essential lines reveal a romantic honeymoon between sensuality and Art; maxi lengths and large cuts alternate with lace gowns members and generous necklines that evoke the famous lips of Surrealism Dalí. A meticulous attention to detail that makes every outfit a precious jewel. rich tissues like silk, organza, lace, taffeta and gorgeous embroidery executed entirely by hand, all Made in Italy.

Double face garments, precious manufacturing, transparencies, beautiful embroidered roses, symbol of beauty and passion, The Meditative Rose Dali becomes a magnificent headdress; surrealism and fashion meet at the crossroads of a collection that makes the viewer dreaming and enchanting. These magnificent creations elegantly surround the body of the woman, enhance the forms with grace and delicacy, accompanied by highlighting the beauty of a creature that is half way between the angelic and the earthly dimension.

Who wears Anna Jolie not only features samples by the high manufacturing quality, but above all talent, uniqueness and passion that accompany the dress at every stage of its implementation, from prototyping to finishing, revealing a great attention to detail that has made this brand a real target of excellence. Transparencies, embroideries and applications for a determined woman, sensual and self-confident. Prints stand out on tissues dubbed by thin gray veils lie. The protagonists are the “non-colors Colors”: nude, black, from light to dark gray, gold, red and white.

Anna Jolie’s clothes express the ideal of an elegant woman, strong, determined, but at the same time delicate and ethereal. evening dresses designed for special occasions, in a wonderful blend of Italian High Fashion.

Federica Ielapi