She Is…Shooting by Luca Maci.

In photography the meaning can not simply regard the appearance of what you have in front, but must seek the intrinsic sense of the image, allowing to understand the plot of the story being told.

In the images you can see how the girl, usually perceived fragile because of her delicate features, presents herself instead as a rebellious Dark New Wave young woman. The style choice evokes in the viewer a question, generated by appearances: the attitude of “bad girl” does not seem appropriate to such a graceful female figure. But it is the look of the girl to dissolve the doubt.

“There are two ways to look at a person. One is to look at the eyes as a part of the face; the other is to look at the eyes, just as if they were the face.” The quote of the famous writer and screenwriter Alessandro D’Avenia seems to fit well in this circumstance and outlines perfectly the conclusion to achieve.

Tired to obey to the usual parameters and to deal with the common opinion, the protagonist feels the need to emerge and brake the rules she has always followed for fear of what the others think: here she can be seen careless smoking a cigarette or walking in a deserted parking lot, away from those looks that have always claimed to confine her self inside her appearance.

Now the eyes of others do not scare her any more, but it is she to upset the viewer, with a look that hits the lens with the strength of her who has become aware of her own self.

Description by: Massimiliano Puglisi

Photography & Retouch: Luca Maci – 

Make-up Artist: Paula Niculita – 

Stylist: Silvia Rapisarda

Model: Silvia Rapisarda

Place: Europa Parking Catania (Italy)


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